Saturday, 12 February 2011

The thousand sons are calling me!

So recently I've been on a real Warhammer 40k binge! I have been reading the Horus heresy series of books and have also picked up the grey knights omnibus ( a lot of reading ). As well as playing a bit of DoW 1& 2 has lead me to pick up some real cravings to start collecting an army again. This craving has gone as far as watching battle reports on Youtube and decieding on an army to collect  if I do decide to take the plunge. As well as putting a general army list together.

The army I have decided on is a thousand sons chaos marines army (just in case you didn't guess by the title!). Since researching them I've really grown an interest in the history and the feel of how the army should play. And I'm actually getting pretty psyched about collecting them even though it is just the though at the moment.

The only thing stopping me from taking the plunge right now is the cost. After totting everything up that I would need i.e. rulebook and codex as well as the models and paints brushes glues etc. It came up to nearing about £200. Now obviously I would space this out over time however. The only thing I could really afford for a few months would be a chaos marines battle force the codex and paints etc.

Combine this with the fact I currently don't know anyone that collects 40k, it would be a pretty expensive painting hobby. However at the moment this is what I would be looking forward to the most.

So my question to you would be, what are your experiences of  going to a local games workshop and finding someone to play against? Also what would you recommend my first purchases to be? I would only really be willing to spend around £70 - £80 on my first section of buys in case for some reason, I either can't or don't want to play/collect avidly?


  1. i like the pictures lol (might as well be a 5 year old) follow me back.

  2. haha you arent a terrible gamer :p

  3. Your blogs are well written and interesting, I'm following!
    What do you think about DoW2 Have you played it before?

  4. I've got a couple friends in PA that play but i can't remember if they play space marines or what, huge investment though, good luck

  5. you can find better things to spend money on bro.

  6. i really like your blog bro! very well organized my good man