Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Terrible Starcraft 2 Tips #1

So for my first post I'm going to put forward a idea which I have been playing around with on Starcraft 2.

This is to help and improve your opening timings, which is something I struggle with as a non-serious and not very frequent Starcraft player. I find that if I haven't played Starcraft for a few days then I tend to mess up my opening builds, mainly forgetting and completely missing out a vital unit or structure. To combat this I used to have a little post it note on my monitor with the order of the build and on what food each building/unit should be constructed. This is all well and fine helping me remember in which order to build things, however I found that I was getting distracted by constantly looking over to my note and reading through it. Meaning that I would sometimes lose a couple of seconds on defending an attack because I wasn't even looking at the screen.

Now the solution...A SONG!

Yes, when I play a game of starcraft at the very beginning after I've set my workers to start mining and got another one in production I press play on a song. So as I am playing I'm listening to the song but also never taking my eyes of the screen, with each action that I need to do linked with a particular part of the song (yes I'm finding this hard to explain). Let me give you an example.

I use Battery by Metallica as my song as choice because it transits between different sections. The opening is an acoustic section and while this is playing I know that I need to be getting my workers out. And by the time the drums and heavy guitar kick in I know that I need to have had put down my first production building....and so on as the game and the song continue.

Yes it isn't perfect but it allows you to keep full attention on the game whilst reminding you of anything you've forgotten. But hey maybe that's why I'm such a Terrible Gamer............. BA DUM TSSCH